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Actress Sharon Stone’s profile was temporarily blocked on the dating app Bumble after users incorrectly reported her account.

Adobe Illustrator CC tutorial | Create an awesome logo for dating app!Bumble May as Well Have Blocked Sharon Stone on Purpose – The immovable reality is that dating comes down meeting people plus serendipity, which means that no matter how fancy its.

Actress Sharon Stone claimed on Twitter that she had been blocked from dating app Bumble. Bumble, which differs from other.

Los Angeles (AFP) – Finding love is never easy, as actress Sharon Stone discovered when she was blocked on dating app Bumble.

Sharon Stone was kicked off Bumble because users thought she was impersonating Sharon Stone – Users swiping through the dating app Bumble were apparently suspicious when they came across a profile for the Golden.

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The app has since apologized and restored the actor’s real dating profile. By Tanya Chen Posted on December 30, 2019, at 1:16.

Tinder might not have been so popular back in 2012 when it came out, but it’s probably one of those apps which people download first on a new smartphone. The way youngsters look at relationships and.

LOS ANGELES: Finding love is never easy, as actress Sharon Stone discovered when she was blocked on dating app Bumble after.