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kerala sexy Natasha Beauty Queen Media Black SareeOnly Maharashtra ahead of Telangana in stalking – Karnataka (89), Maharashtra (75), Jharkhand (30) and Kerala (29) had more women women harassed at their workplaces.

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Kerala To Make Preamble Reading Part Of School & College Assemblies To Save Constitutional Values – Keeping this in mind, Kerala government has proposed a plan to make reading of Preamble.

Other major announcements at the.

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For the second conclave, there were students participating from various universities, including the Calicut and Kannur.

The judgment, which asked the Kerala government to ensure the entry of all women — regardless of age — into the temple.

They are the women fighters of the Kurdish.

Girl who was brutally raped, sold in sex slavery confronts her rapist on live.

Also selling like hot cakes is the tuna puttu served at the stall run by a cooperative.

With an emphasis on offering.

After the juice is reduced to hot, bubbling brown sugar, it cools down to form lumps. Women sit in groups, shaping this.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Monday said the Kerala government will take steps to make reading.

He also said 50 per.